ChinaForgeTM provides all the services you need to go from engineering drawings or CAD models to quality parts or product, packaged and shipped to almost anywhere in the world.


We can quote your projects based on engineering drawings, 3D CAD models, or samples. Tooling and part costs are usually quoted separately to keep high volume part prices as low as possible. Typical quoting time for a new project is three days for products made in our own Hangzhou factory, or sometimes up to a week for products made at our partner factories.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping allows you to quickly check form, fit, and function of your designs. Product prototypes are useful for trade fairs, sales calls, and focus groups to market and test new product ideas without any investment in expensive tooling.

We can produce prototypes in several plastic materials, including ABS, acetal, acrylic, polycarbonate, and polyurethane. Prototypes can be clear or transparent, polished or frosted, or finished with glossy enamel. They can be varnished, silk screened,or even chrome plated.


We contract with some of China's best precision mold and die makers to make the plastic injection molds and dies for your project. Quality of the mold design and mold material is critical for fast, efficient production of quality product. We use imported mold steels for injection mold cavities and cores, and use quality standard mold bases when possible. Our mold makers use imported machining equipment for higher precision.


We have a partner factory in Hangzhou, China for production of plastic injection molded parts. Our machines are optimized for high precision and excellent clarity and surface appearance. We maintain a clean manufacturing environment to avoid contamination of food-contact products and medical devices.

Metal and electronics components are manufactured by our parter factories in Hangzhou and the surrounding area. employees manage and oversee production at our partner factories.

Quality Control

Before and after tooling delivery we carefully inspect tooling quality and produce sample parts for customer approval. We send samples to the customer by FedEx to ensure timely, reliable delivery. Once production of product begins we inspect parts throughout the production process, and also inspect each production run before shipping.


Besides manufacturing your product itself, we can also produce retail packaging in China, for example color printed boxes, vacuum formed blister packs, and heat sealed clamshells.

Shipping and Import/Export

We provide shipping to your door via FedEx, to major airports via airfreight, or by sea freight to major world seaports in full container loads or less than full container loads. The best method of shipping usually depends on the order size and urgency of delivery.

We ship most large volume orders by sea freight from Shanghai or Ningbo to the customer's specified port of import. We will check with several shipping companies to find you the best route and price, and deal with the complexities of export from China so that you don't have to worry about it yourself.

If your shipment is urgent we can ship it airfreight, which will typically allow your order to reach an airport near you in about a week. We can send sample orders and extremely urgent shipments by FedEx, which will usually arrive at your door in only 2 to 3 business days.