Plastic Products Manufacture

ChinaForgeTM produces most plastic injection molded parts at our factory, and we work in partnership with mold makers in Hangzhou, China for quick delivery of quality plastic injection molds. The region is a world center of injection mold manufacturing and we have access to a great variety of equipment, technologies, and services.


To ensure the best service and quality of our plastic parts, our factory sources plastic injection molds from pre-qualified suppliers that we trust and with whom we have long-term business relationships.

The quality of the mold is the most important factor in determining the quality of your plastic injected part. Our Chinese mold specialists have over 20 years experience in the mold making industry, so you can be assured of excellent quality plastic parts, as well as molds that are durable and lasting. We use high quality imported tool steel for our mold cavities, thus ensuring that they will last long and make you hundreds of thousands of parts.

Molds usually take 30-60 days to complete, depending on many factors such as size and complexity. Once molds are finished, we send the customer sample parts by FedEx as verification that the molds have been crafted to specification.

Injection Molding Machines and Facilities

Our Hangzhou factory operates injection molding machines that have been customized to provide higher part quality for certain types of parts that we specialize in, such as clear parts and parts molded in engineering resins. See our specifications for technical information on the machines we operate.

Certain plastic parts may be too large or too small for molding in our own factory, however our partner factories in China can mold everything from minute, high-precision plastic parts like plastic gears and precision instrument parts, to large plastic parts weighing many pounds.

Other plastic production processes available at our partner factories include vacuum forming for making plastic packaging, compression molding for production of rubber and silicone parts, and ultrasonic welding for joining plastic parts securely without glue.


Because of our experience in plastic product manufacture and knowledge of the resins available on the Chinese market, we can help you choose wisely when selecting the type of plastic resin for your product. For example, you might require high strength, temperature resistance, weather resistance, or extra high precision. Whatever your requirements we can give you advice in selecting suitable materials for your needs.


Our experts in plastic coloration can choose pigments to give your product beautiful, glowing color. We can use pigments imported from Japan and Germany in cases where the absolute highest quality color is needed. Colorists can also combine multiple types of pigments for special effects. We can add fluorescent dyes, metallic pigments, phosphorescence, or other interesting effects. Ultraviolet inhibitors and antioxidants can be added to our plastics to protect against fading of color and weakening in sunlight.


The techniques used to decorate plastic products after molding are important factors in determining product appearance and overall quality. We can use screen printing or pad printing to print images and logos directly on the surface of your product. Plastic parts can also be painted in cases where special, high-quality finishes are required.


Proper assembly is one of the most important aspects of having a quality product. For certain plastic products we can use ultrasonic welding to join parts with a strong bond without any of the messiness and unreliability of glue. Another option available for some plastic, metal, or other parts is insert molding, which embeds the part in the plastic during the injection molding process itself.

Most plastic products include non-plastic components, such as springs, metal shafts, screws, stickers, electronics, etc. Because of our diverse manufacturing relationships, we can often have these other components manufactured as well, then assemble all the plastic and non-plastic parts together into your final product at our own factory.

If our existing suppliers cannot supply a particular component of your product then you can order it from your own supplier and have it shipped to us for assembly with the rest of the product at our factory. If the supplier is Chinese you may also be able to supply us with a supplier contact and part number, and we can order the parts on our behalf when supplies are needed.

Rapid Prototyping

It is often useful to make some prototypes of a product to check shape and appearance before spending large amounts of time and money to make a mold. We provide high-quality, high-precision prototypes in ABS, acetal, acrylic, polycarbonate, and polyurethane. Prototypes reduce risk by helping you test the market for your new product before investing in any expensive tooling.