Selling Your Product in China


China's large population, rapidly increasing wealth and standard of living, and growing taste for high-end imported products makes it an ideal market to sell your export products in China. ChinaForge can help you find buyers for your products in China, find licensees for your technology, help establish your brand, assist with regulatory hurdles, and advise on IP protection in China.

Natural Resources

Due to China's high degree of industrialization, the country requires all kinds of imported natural resources and materials, in large volumes and at competitive prices. If you have access to large volumes of natural resources that can be exported to China, contact us to assist you in finding a Chinese buyer.

High-tech / IT

China is racing to catch up with the developed world in the high-tech industries and IT, and will often pay handsome prices for licensing technology solutions. Hi-tech, green, and innovative companies may also receive government benefits such as interest-free loans, free facilities, grants, and tax breaks for establishing ventures in China. ChinaForge can help you take advantage of such opportunities.


China's medical industry is modernizing at a rapid pace, and requires access to new and innovative medical technology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals from developed countries. ChinaForge can help you find Chinese buyers for medical products and find companies interested in licensing your medical technology for use in China.