Plastic Injection Molding Factory

Hangzhou, China

In January 2008 ChinaForgeTM founded Hangzhou Tanda Technology Co. Ltd., a high-quality plastic injection molding shop in Hangzhou, China. Our Hangzhou factory specializes in manufacture of high-quality plastic parts and products, where high-precision, high clarity, excellent surface finish, and cleanliness are required.


We operate 100- and 161-metric tonne molding presses (110- and 178-ton). Shot sizes can be up to 149 cc on the former and up to 259 cc on the latter. For more information about our machines, please see the technical specifications.

We have customized our injection molding machines to improve part quality beyond what most Chinese molders can accomplish:

    • All molding machines have high compression ratio screws for higher precision engineering parts and higher clarity and surface appearance on retail and decorative items.

    • We have installed imported controllers in our machines for better process stability, which leads to fewer defects and higher tolerance parts.

    • Robotic sprue pickers on our machines help maintain more stable cycles, reduce defects, and improve operator efficiency.

    • More ejection pads than typical for small injection molding machines in China protect your tooling, improving its lifetime and reducing production delays caused by tooling problems.

    • Our machines have additional safety features, beyond those required by Chinese occupational regulations, thus improving worker morale, and reducing overhead costs from injury and death compensation. Many competing Chinese molding shops have very high rates of worker injury and death, and have no choice but to factor these expenses into their product prices.

Quality Control

To ensure quality production, workers are trained to visually inspect all parts during production. Critical dimensions are measured every half hour to one hour to ensure process drifts have not caused dimensions to move out of tolerance. Production lots are spot checked again before shipping to ensure conformance.

For medical items, food contact items, engineering parts, and other safety-critical products, ensuring that correct materials are used in production is critical. ChinaForge adheres to a strict system of raw material storage and labeling to ensure that incorrect materials are not used by mistake.

We take special care to properly store and maintain injection molds in our possession to protect your investment. If you own an otherwise quality tool that is producing less than satisfactory parts at another Chinese injection molder, consider moving it to our shop to see the quality difference.