Metal Working

ChinaForgeTM works with metal stamping, extrusion, die casting, and turning factories in China to produce a wide variety of metal parts and products. As with our plastic injection molding services, we only source metal parts and tooling from pre-qualified suppliers with whom we have long-term business relationships.

Metal Working Materials

We manufacture metal parts and assemblies in a large range of different materials including:

    • Welded fabrications in steel

    • Stamped sheet metal parts in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

    • Turned stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and brass parts

    • Die cast parts in zinc, brass, and aluminum alloy

    • Extruded parts in aluminum and other metals

Metal Working Processes and Operations

We take care of all the steps in manufacturing your stamped metal part, including the following processes and operations:

    • Blanking for stamping flat shapes in sheet metal

    • Drawing for forming curved surfaces in sheet metal

    • Forming to bend sheet metal to the desired shape

    • Punching to create holes in sheet metal and other parts

    • Welding to create metal assemblies from multiple parts

    • Turning on a lathe to produce precision round parts

    • Die casting to produce aluminum, zinc, and copper alloy parts

    • Extrusion to produce profile parts

    • CNC milling for complex 3D part shapes

    • Wire EDM for making complex, high precision cuts in metal

    • Drilling for round holes

    • Reaming for high-precision round holes

    • Tapping for threads

    • Grinding for flat surfaces

Finishing for Metal Parts

We provide the following finishing methods for metal parts:

    • Anodizing in a broad range of colors for aluminum parts

    • Electroplating in zinc, nickel, chrome, copper, and other materials

    • Powder coat in various colors

  • Spray painting

  • Sandblasting

    • Tumble deburring

    • Rust preventive oil application and sealed bagging for shipping unfinished steel parts

Quoting Metal Parts

To quote your metal part or assembly we need either a physical sample or designs and specifications. Designs can be either 2D engineering drawings, typically in AutoCAD or PDF format, or 3D models, in which case IGES is preferred. See our quote page for more information on obtaining quotes and acceptable file formats.

Once we have complete designs and specifications for your metal part it will usually take us 3 days to a week to obtain a quote for your tooling and product. Tooling lead time for most metal parts is typically in the range of 15 to 35 days for simple stamped parts and around 60 days or more for more complicated cast parts.