Custom Electronics Products and Components

Hangzhou is known as the "Silicon Valley" of China because of its high concentration of electronics manufacturing. ChinaForgeTM manages the development and manufacturing of all kinds of electronics products and components from our offices in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Product Design

If needed ChinaForgeTM can design your electronics product for you based on your specifications. The following are some examples of products we can design:

    • Radio and infrared wireless devices

    • Digital video security systems

    • LED lighting solutions

    • Microcontrollers with custom firmware

    • Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs)

    • Embedded systems running Linux or other OS

    • All kinds of digital and analog circuits

Printed Circuit Boards

We manufacture custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to your specifications. Boards can have from one to as many as 16 layers. Clean room manufacturing and fully automatic testing of every board ensures your printed circuit boards will be defect free. Boards can be die cut to any shape, or cut by CNC router for small volume manufacture.

Mounting Components

Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) are soldered to your boards by fully automatic machinery for high speed, quality production. All manner of electronic components are available in China. When a component that exactly matches your specifications is not available we can often have it custom manufactured for you.

ChinaForgeTM can also sell you unmounted components, packaged in bulk or in rolls ready for mounting at your own factory. These components can be either generic or custom manufactured to your specifications.


Typically boards can be manufactured with a defect rate of only about 2%. We test newly printed circuit boards to remove defects, and test the boards again after mounting of components to ensure they are fully functional. Once the products are assembled, each individual unit can be tested to ensure proper operation.

Housings and Cases for Electronics Products

Because of our experience in plastic injection molding, die casting, and metal stamping, we can manufacture a wide array of custom cases for your electronics products. Cases can be manufactured according to your 3D models or engineering drawings in almost any common plastic resin or metal material, and in any color and finish.

If you do not wish to invest time and money in tooling to make your own custom housing, then we may be able to choose a suitable housing from thousands of generic plastic and metal housing designs available on the market in China. Such generic housing designs come in all styles and shapes and are suited for a wide range of electronic products. You can choose custom colors and printing for the generic housing design you select.

Green Manufacturing

ChinaForgeTM can supply electronics boards and components manufactured without lead and other heavy metals to comply with the RoHS directive. RoHS compliance will allow you to sell your products in Europe and other markets with restrictions on heavy metal toxins in electronics products.

Obtaining a Quote

To obtain a quote, please submit complete designs and specifications for your product, including circuit board designs in Gerber format, component lists, and assembly instructions. We will also need to know your order quantity in order to quote your project.