ChinaForge Team Bios

David L. Dewey

Director of Manufacturing

Mr. Dewey has experience in CAD design, digital electronics, including integrated circuit design, computer vision and graphics technology, and speaks fluent Mandarin. He has a degree in computer science from the University of Washington and resides in Hangzhou, China. In his free time Dewey enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, and river and sea kayaking.

David Dewey's CV / Résumé

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Hong Chang

Assistant Manager

Ms. Chang is in charge of export and shipping, and has many years' experience in foreign trade, including document preparation, shipping and logistics, and management of factory orders and schedules. She lives in Hangzhou, China.

ChinaForgeTM is currently looking for partners to expand its import and export operations. We are especially interested in partnering with manufacturers and salespeople in the US and elsewhere outside of Asia to provide low cost, quality production options to their customers and also to help them sell high quality parts or technology to China. Please contact us for more information.